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Parquet Dance Floors

Modular Oak Parquet Tiles That Create A Spectacular Dance Floor Instantly

DanceDeck Deluxe (DKX) is Signature Flooring's offering for those looking for a real wood dance floor but do not require a large-panel system. DKX offers the spectacular look of a real wood, oak parquet floor combined with the durability and practicality of a polypropylene base.

DanceDeck Deluxe is ideal for any type of special event and can be used indoors or outdoors. DKX is extremely popular for tent events, hotels and resorts. DKX is the best choice for weddings and other events that demand the elegance of real wood, but require a practical, durable and simple-to-install system. It's also a great system for dance teams on the road, such as ballet dancers looking for a portable ballet flooring system for a quick practice session.

Modular Dance Floor Tiles Are Practical & Lightweight

DanceDeck Deluxe modular floor tiles are the same size and weight of the DanceDeck tiles - 1ft x 1ft x 1/2in, weighing less than 2 lbs each, and use a simple, 7-loop snap-connection system. DKX uses the same industry-leading, 7-loop snap-connection system for a super-simple installtion without tools. The small tile size allows you to create any size floor you want and it can wrap neatly around poles or corners – an advantage over a large-panel system. Each DKX modular tile is made up of 2 layers - the top layer is the real wood, oak parquet. DanceDeck Deluxe's base layer is made of a polypropylene co-polymer. It is specially-molded to form a tray for the top layer - holding the top layer securely inside the base tray. The plastic tray offers many benefits - resistance to water and moisture, conforms to most surfaces, provides a durable connection system and keeps the tile lightweight and easy to handle. The plastic tray has channels underneath to allow for drainage and inevitable spills; and to provide extra stability on soft or uneven surfaces


Modular Oak Parquet Tiles That Create A Spectacular Dance Floor Instantly

DanceDeck Deluxe’s simple male-female connection system allows for quick assembly without tools, cams or mechanical devices. Anyone can assemble this portable dance floor. A 12ft x 12ft dance floor can be assembled by 2 people in 30 minutes! For added ease, DanceDeck Deluxe ships in pre-assembled 3ft x 3ft panel sections. Our patented 7-loop connectors (the most loops of any tile on the market) provides the simplest and most secure connection of any other portable dance floor tile on the market. See typical installation times and instructions.


Parquet Dance Floor Colors - Chestnut & Desert

DanceDeck Deluxe oak parquet modular tiles are available in 2 finishes: Chestnut and Desert. Edging is available in matching colors.

oak parquet dance floor finishes

Sloped Edging for Oak Parquet Dance Floors Create a Finished Look

Optional DanceDeck edging and corner pieces provide a sloped transition to the ground to avoid tripping and covers the connection loops for a elegant, finished dance floor. DanceDeck edging is available in black or matching desert or chestnut polypropylene.

There are two types of edge pieces – side piece and corner pieces. In order to complete your floor you will need to order both. Side pieces are the same length as the dance floor tiles (1 ft x 2.5 in). See how to calculate # of edge pieces.

Cleaning & Maintaining A Parquet Floor Is Simple & Easy

DanceDeck Deluxe portable dance floor is simple to clean and maintain with any standard urethane floor care product.

For optimum cleaning, use our specially formulated DanceDeck Professional Dance Floor Cleaner See Specs

parquet dance floor cleaner

Parquet Floor Transportation Cart

A custom Transport Cart is available - which speeds installation and dismantle and can also be used as a storage cart. The DanceDeck Deluxe Transport Cart is especially designed to accommodate the 3ft x 3ft panel sections. See specs.

Oak Parquet Custom Dance Floor Options

We have many custom options available to you, so please don’t hesitate to ask! Don't forget to review our sprung floors page for dance floors that are designed to cushion large vertical movements, helping to prevent dance injuries.

Please call 972-684-5736 or email to inquire for pricing and availability.

oak parquet dance floor